Is There A Silver Lining?

ast night was tough. Why it was tough had nothing to do with the lockdown, or the economy, or my practice, no. It was a tough night thanks to our second child. A gorgeous little girl.

Last night she, for the first time, demonstrated to my wife and me how thunderous a small set of lungs truly can be. She cried for hours! It was just one of those nights…

For anyone that has had a child, they know that a baby fundamentally changes your life, literally overnight. There is nothing in this world that compels one to sacrifice their time, their energy, their entire being, to ensure something besides themselves get what they need to survive and thrive, while also being so very happy to do so. Nothing, that is, except a start-up.

Just like a child, a young business needs a level of commitment, attention, and ‘parenting’ that can only come from an utterly selfless dedication to their wellbeing.

Both will test your patients and sanity, and both will do so in the middle of the night.

Both, however, can also bring sheer joy through seemingly insignificant things. So powerful are these things, they can miraculously dissolve away all the frustration and exhaustion previously accrued. Such things are what make the sacrifice and commitment worthwhile. Last night it was a little smile from Izzy. Her first. The hours of wailing suddenly became a distant memory. With EMGN, it was the first advertiser’s payment, proving our model worked, that compensated the months of round-the-clock work. In both cases, witnessing such milestones of growth and success utterly outweighed the efforts needed to achieve them.

The last few weeks at home with Izzy has borne a striking resemblance to the experience of starting EMGN. In reality, there are lots of similarities when you compare raising a child and starting a business. Most striking of all is that both your children and your business will ultimately grow up to become a reflection of you. They will find their own place in the world, and they will rely on your values, your ideologies, and your morals to do so. This is why they are worth the time and sacrifice, and this is why both can change peoples lives in such amazing ways.

With all that’s going on in the world, I hope everyone is keeping healthy and making the best out of the situation in front of us all. For me, the silver lining of the lockdown is that I get to spend the initial weeks of my daughter’s life with her, my wife, and my son, to enjoy all the firsts, as they happen, even if they happen in the middle of the night.

Kia Kaha,


Professional startup advisor for founders of high growth startups. More details @

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