• Vladis


  • Kris Vandenberk

    Kris Vandenberk

    Director Technology Industry at Agio Capital & Business Solutions | interests: #SaaS #AI #IoT #FinTech #blockchain #deeptech | Views are my own

  • Anatolijus N

    Anatolijus N

  • Vineet Pruthi

    Vineet Pruthi

  • Hdfcblgoa


  • Daria Turovtseva

    Daria Turovtseva

    Multilingual strategic consultant, Digital Innovations researcher, Crowdinvesting.pl, Quantitative Finance background

  • Roy Regalado

    Roy Regalado

  • Ashwani Rathore

    Ashwani Rathore

    I am a daydreamer and believe we can actually make the world a better place. I am just trying to contribute my part in developing some awesome products.

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