I’ve had four ‘vaccine hesitancy’ conversations in the past two weeks. That is four more than I imagined I would ever have.

I had assumed the concept of being ‘vaccine hesitant’ was simply an insidious ‘rebranding’ of the anti-vax movement. …

“Alexa? Make me a doctor’s appointment”

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I am very critical of our local District Health Board’s (“DHB”) and how they are administered.

To me, the curious layperson with apathy for organizational waste and excuses, what I witnessed working within the Northern…

Here’s how.

I’ve accidentally fallen into a great little side hustle. It has come out of nowhere and I want to outline what I’ve done and why I think this has succeeded somewhat overnight.

So, it turns out restoring and customising old golf clubs can be a really high margin endeavour.


Yeah, okay… Let’s do a little maths, shall we?

Property. It’s the topic that all New Zealand conversation naturally descends to. From board rooms to bars to Ubers, all roads lead to property chat.

“House prices in Auckland up 2000%(!)…In a pandemic! OMG!!!”. etc etc.

It won’t surprise anyone, therefore, that the small talk at a recent function sank…

What will kill New Zealand Agriculture? Believe it or not, it could be re-branded export tariffs in the form of carbon border adjustments (CBA). That’s the opinion of international climate policy expert Byron Fay.

In the latest SuperTilt podcast, Byron made it abundantly clear that CBA legislation being proposed out…

Or risk going the way of the dodo.

“We’re raising capital to acquire new users and accelerate growth. Our aim is to use this capital to acquire (X) number of users so that we can raise our series (Y) in 18–24 months time.

Our aim is to optimise our content and digital advertising strategies such that our CAC…

Removing the guesswork from the question of “how to go viral?”

We all see them. Those companies with products that seem to sell themselves… They have a secret sauce; something that’s going on that just makes their products so much more engaging than our own.

These companies make us jealously look at our own products and wonder “How?”

How do some…

It’s easy to forget that the earth is mostly water.

Often, we are never exposed to more of the ocean than what’s visible from the local beach. It’s so easy to forget that the earth is mostly blue.

With 71% of the earth covered in water, it begs the question, can we leverage the size and scale of our oceans…

It was such big news when the British High Commissioner to New Zealand Laura Clarke called New Zealand out on its environmental record.

“There is a gap … between ambition and reality,” Mrs Clarke said. “You have Scandinavian ambitions in terms of quality of life and public services, but a…

The answer to any commercial problem is always cash. It doesn’t matter what the question is. Cash is king, and the more cash a company can generate, quickly, the more successful they will ultimately be.

Sales velocity is a measurement of how fast a company is making money. It measures…

Aidan Kenealy

Professional startup advisor for founders of high growth startups. More details @ https://aidankenealy.com/

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